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The need for efficiency is pushing the world to steadily embrace technology through websites that can offer a platform where clients can access information at a click of a button. The first impression is of utmost importance and the power of the first eye contact dictates a lot as far as next course of events is concerned. Smart web believes in offering solutions and we do not underestimate the power of the landing page to potential clients.

Smart web ensures that the Landing page is tailored towards attracting clients on the onset of the first encounter and also making it as easy to navigate.

Service Process

Towards realization of an attractive spot-on landing page, our wed designs employ several techniques;

Define Goal

Create wireframe

Design &Build

A/B testing

Optimize & Improve

launch & Promote

Our Landing Page Services

Understanding our target

The greatest and most defining consideration is the target audience of the website or the platform to be created. This dictates the face of the landing page and its content. The different target audience will be attracted by different things and therefore it’s critical for any developer to understand that from the very onset of development.

What we seek to achieve

At the end of the day, the websites seek to achieve certain objectives and Smart web is keen to ensure that is not lost even at the inception of the website. Smart Web makes sure we detail out the page goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are doable, understandable, manageable and beneficial.

Daring to be different but still remain relevant

Smartweb believes in being different and ensures that the landing page id unique but still remain relevant to the target audience and the web owner. The landing page must offer a solution viable to both parties: client and service provider.

Surety and guarantee

At Smart web, we are keen to ensure you get the best and that’s why we offer tried and tested solutions that guarantee efficiency in terms of speed and content. Before handing over, we define Meta description and keywords for the same and test the functionalities of all the elements.

High ROI

Increased Conversion rates

Increase Sales Revenue

Increase engagement

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